Written question – Marche Region and the Fileni Group: breach of Directives (EU) 2010/75 and (EU) 2016/2284 – E-003153/2022

Source: European Parliament

Question for written answer  E-003153/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Eleonora Evi (Verts/ALE)

The replacement of an air quality monitoring unit from the Marche Regional Environmental Agency (ARPAM) with one from the Lazio Regional Environmental Agency (ARPA Lazio) at the Fileni Group’s Ripa Blanca plant in Jesi revealed much higher ammonia values than previously recorded. The Fileni Group, which specialises in poultry farming, also owns a plant in Monteroberto which uses the same purification technology as the one in Jesi. On 7 June 2022, the Council of State cancelled the plant’s operating permit. However, the Marche Region decided to grant the Monteroberto plant authorisation for a further breeding cycle while attempting to regularise the situation merely by amending the municipal regulatory plan, without beginning a new administrative procedure or reviewing the integrated environmental authorisation (IEA).

In the light of the above:

  • 1.Does the Commission consider that the authorisation issued by the Marche Region to the Monteroberto plant to be compatible with the measures laid down in Directive (EU) 2010/75 and Directive (EU) 2016/2284?
  • 2.Does it consider that, in the light of the revelations made by the ARPA Lazio monitoring unit, the Marche Region should ask the operator to apply for new IEAs for both the Monteroberto plant and the Ripa Bianca plant?
  • 3.Given the fact that the ARPA Lazio control unit revealed an ammonia level of 270.6 μg/m3 that can lead to the formation of PM2.5, does the Commission consider these values to pose an immediate danger to human health and therefore entail the suspension of operations, pursuant to Article 8 of Directive (EU) 2010/75?
Last updated: 29 September 2022